Roman, Sharon, Charlie & The Supernatural Collide

New Picture
[Stock] Haight Street
A new picture of Charlie that was released yesterday.

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in your opinion ,could the manson murders have been a govt conspiricy to destroy the counter culture/ hippie movement?

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books on Manson
What is everyones favorite book about Manson?
Which books do you recommend?


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Does anyone know where I can find a relatively inexpensive copy of this documentary? There's one on Amazon, but I really don't want to pay 30 $ for it. Can anyone help?

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haha someone wrote this on LJSecret and I found it amusing.

sounds like a sadistic nut
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rosemary's baby, 1968, roman polanskiCollapse )

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crispin glover covering a manson song
girl in woods
I uploaded actor/eccentric Crispin Glover's [pictured in icon] interpretation of the Manson song, 'Never Say Never to Always.' It's kind of interesting and only about 58 seconds long. :)


The Beast of Adam Gorightly
me in glasses

has anyone read this book? it looks really interesting, and you can read two of the chapters online here. adam golightly has also written other books and articles on conspiracies, the supernatural, and other related fascinating things.

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So my friend has a copy of the original December 19, 1969 copy of Life featuring Charlie that she'd like to sell, but she doesn't know how much to charge for, and I don't really know either. Do any of you have an idea of how much something like that is worth?


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